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Old receipts

by Julie Finch-Scally

Do you keep all your receipts from your Credit and Debit card? I do and put them away in a special drawer so I can keep a check on something unusual on my statement, or return an item when it doesn’t perform the way it should.

This is all very well, but I forget to toss out the receipts at the end of each financial year. I just keep filling the allocated boxes and the pile of receipts builds up higher and higher.

Last week I was putting more receipts into the Debit Card box and realised there was no more room for this new pile of receipts. I pulled out the box to do something about it.

My intention was to toss the old receipts to make space for the new ones. But imagine my surprise to discover receipts going back four years. Obviously there was no need to keep receipts that old so I removed receipts until the only ones left were for this financial year. I put the new receipts in the box and replaced the box back into the drawer.

My next problem was what to do with the old receipts? I am a little wary of putting things like bank and sales receipts into the recycling as there are too many important details that can be ascertained by analysing them.

There were really too many receipts to start tearing up, so I eventually placed them in amongst the putrescible garbage in a plastic bag and placed that in the plastic bag that went in the refuse collection bin. I figured if someone really wanted to get their hands dirty mussing around my receipts in the garbage they had to be really keen.

But the whole factor of holding on to receipts for over four years led me to wonder how and when one should get rid of old receipts. We once had a shredding machine which was great until it broke down because it didn’t take kindly to paper clips and staples. But was a shredder the answer?

I know many people never keep their receipts, and I thought that might be a better idea. But being a pedantic lady I felt a bit strange about doing that. The whole point though was did I ever look back through the Debit Card receipts? I know many times I have gone back through Credit Card receipts to check on things, but I cannot truthfully remember looking back over Debit Card receipts. I always glance over the Debit Card statement but have never noticed anything wrong. So if I was going to keep the receipts – for how long?

Decision made. As I received each statement, which is usually three monthly: I would remove the receipts relative to that statement, tear them in half and throw them into the garbage. This way there will always be room for the current receipts, and hopefully all will be well.

So if you are being engulfed with out-of-date receipts, remove them from their hiding place and make more room in your drawers.



Non-slip strips in baths

by Julie Finch-Scally

A few years ago we taped some non-slip strips to the bottom of our bath. Our shower is over the bath and to avoid slipping while showering we purchased some special non-slip tape and added the strips. Up until now I have only ever cleaned around and over the tape when cleaning the bath, but in the past couple of months I have noticed a line of dirt along the edges of the strips.

At the bottom of our bath we have those raised bubbles which I presume were supposedly designed to break up the possible slipperiness of the smooth floor of the bath. Over the years the non-slip strips have moulded into those bubbles and allowed dirt to build up along the sides of the tape.

I have taken to giving the sides of the non-slip strips an extra scrub with the scourer side of a sponge/scourer when cleaning the bath with cream cleanser. Last week I realised my extra effort was not having any effect. A more detailed clean along the sides of the tapes was needed.

It required something small that would be able to get down into the crevice between the floor of the bath and the tape. A toothbrush was the answer so I found an old toothbrush which still had reasonably stiff bristles.

With a little cream cleanser I scrubbed the bristles of the brush along the sides of the tape giving extra pressure between the bubbles where the dirt seemed more prominent.

It wasn’t an easy or quick job, but the toothbrush did the trick. Because the bristles were small and could be concentrated on the required area, they managed to get into and under the edge of the tape and lift out the dirt. I was pleased with the results.

So: if you have non-slip strips taped to the bottom of your bath, to keep them clean you will find cleaning the edges of the tape with cream cleanser and a toothbrush will help.

From now on I will be giving the non-slip strips on the floor of my bath a scrub with the toothbrush and cream cleanser every couple of months to remove and stop the dirt and dust creeping in under the edges of the tape.



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