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My 300th Blog

by Julie Finch-Scally

I find it amazing that I have eventually reached my 300th blog. But as I started writing this cleaning advice on a weekly basis in 2011 I guess 300 blogs is to be expected.

So as it is a special occasion I thought I would write about the art of writing and how I work out what to write about.

Firstly let me say I try to make each blog at least 400 words. Sometimes it is more but most times is sits around the 400 words. I find that number is enough to be able to explain the details I need to express. Also even when I have been traveling I still place an item about a cleaning problem on the website.

But I guess most people would want to know what I find to write about. You would probably have noticed by now I often use the word “recently” or “the other day”. This is because I use factual happenings around the home to write about. When I discuss the cleaning out of my kitchen cupboards it is because the weekend before I got annoyed at the dirt and really had to do something about it. Having experienced the problem makes it easier to write about.

I know one week I wrote about losing a small spoon down the kitchen sink. It required my taking the pipe under the sink out and rescuing the spoon. Not that I had ever done that before, but I had seen hubby and my father do that several times when other things have gone missing down the sink so I figured if they could do it so could I. My little bit of knowledge I passed on to you, my reader.

I must confess there are sometimes I walk around the house thinking what has happened in the past week I can write about? Strangely enough I never run out of ideas. There is always some small thing related to cleaning that I can discuss. That shows you how much work there has to be done in a home.

And I guess that is what makes this blog successful. I am constantly sorting out little problems that arise and write about it. Because if it happens to me, and I am the expert on how to solve the problem, what must it be like for other house holders?

Hopefully the past 300 blogs have been of assistance to you all. Thank you for following me during this time. I look forward to providing you with at least another 300 blogs of cleaning advice.


Ladies Toilets at Airports

by Julie Finch-Scally

In the past month I have been traveling a lot by plane.  Except on long hall flights, I, like many others use the facilities prior to boarding and when we arrive at our destination.  It is not the inconvenience of having to use the facilities in flight; it is the space and the taint of uncleanliness of the toilets.

I know it is not only ladies who are affected this way because my hubby also waits until we land then uses the airport facilities once we arrive.  But there is a problem with this system.

Hubby and I were in Terminal 3 at Sydney Kingsford Smith airport last weekend traveling to Coolangatta.  I discovered there were only two sets of toilets in those terminals, and when a flight arrives there is a queue out the door for the Ladies.  Thankfully when I refused to queue in Sydney and went to find the other facilities they were not overcrowded.

This problem got me thinking.  Why, when there are such a large number of people streaming through a large airport is there a shortage of toilets?  Was it deliberate or didn’t the architect during the design think about it. 

As we were coming home the lack of toilet facilities and queuing appeared again.  This time the ladies toilets consisted of only three cubicles.  The terminal was packed with people and the queue for the Ladies was continuous. 

I know this problem has been raised before. There is rarely a queue for the Mens’ convenience, which makes one wonder if only men design airport terminals.  I am sure studies have been made of the average time taken by women when they use the facilities so why hasn’t this been considered by architects before when designing any public building.  They changed the facilities at the Sydney Opera House several years ago, now the queues for the Ladies are minimal.  Someone realised there was a problem and solved it.

I must say I am very disappointed with the facilities at airport terminals.  Surely it is time for more thought to be given to the hygiene needs of customers.  Not only to provide more cubicles for Ladies; but to also consider, when a plane arrives there will be at least 50% of the occupants all wanting to use the same facilities at the one time. 

At the moment women standing in a queue waiting for an empty cubicle at a public toilet in an airport terminal is not a great advertisement.  It sends the message that the airport doesn’t really care.  All they want is people to spend money at the food counters and shops along the esplanades.  Conveniences are only there because the hygiene laws require it, not for any other reason. 

Poor form airport owners.  As air travel increases surely it is time to amend this unhygienic system.  Either add more cubicles to the existing toilets or build another set.  Two sets of Toilets to an airport terminal are not enough.  

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