Dust on folds in clothing

by Julie Finch-Scally

I’ve finally joined the thousands of people who purchase clothing on line. A couple of weeks ago I sent off for a dress, which duly arrived a week later. Only one thing wrong, when I came to remove the dress from the cellophane bag there were folding creases down and across the dress.

The creases I knew I could iron out, but obviously the packet had been sitting on a shelf for a long period of time as dust had collected on the outside of the creases. As it was a dark material the dust was more than noticeable. It made each crease look like a faded line down the outfit.

I worked out it would be easier to remove the dust from the creases while the dress was sitting on the ironing board. I put up the board and placed the dress on the board with the ironing section itself sitting inside the dress. This meant I could easily turn the dress around as I worked on the front then the back. Thankfully the material was cotton.

How did I remove the dust? As I steam ironed the dress I placed a clean tea towel over the item and pressed out the creases. This didn’t remove the dust, but it made the dust warm and damp; easy to rub over with my hand and fingers. I followed the line downwards and the dust rubbed off quite easily.

I do have one of those dust removal brushes with special fibres that you can rub against the fabric and lifts any hairs, but as it was dust and not loose hairs, I felt the brush wasn’t quite suitable.

Each time I removed the dust with my fingers I could feel the warmth and dampness in the material. This loosened the dust fibres and made them easy to lift and rub off. By the time I had gone around the whole dress the material was clean and minus any creases.

Purchasing clothing on the internet does have its problems, especially if the item has been sitting on a shelf for a long period and flattened by the item above it. But steam ironing the item protected with a clean cotton tea towel and removing and dust by rubbing the lines away will always work. I can recommend this process because I used it and it was successful.

BTW the dress looked fantastic.



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