The wonders of the magic eraser

by Julie Finch-Scally

My Nephew has just discovered the wonders of the magic eraser that removes stains from cups and other little marks on items that cannot be cleaned with a scourer.

I had a very well used small piece of magic eraser next to the sink and my Nephew, who was staying with me for a few days, wasn’t sure whether he should throw it away or not. I quickly explained what the eraser could do and he left it where he had found it.

The next morning as we emptied the dish washer the large enameled roasting dish still had some stains. The dishwasher had not done its job. So Nephew used the magic eraser and voila the stains were gone.

I was quite surprised at how delighted he was with the results. I guess when you use something on a regular basis you don’t realise how unusual results can be to someone who hasn’t used the product before. Needless to say the Nephew said he was going to purchase a packet of the magic erasers when he got back home.

But why is the magic eraser so successful? Well I guess that is corporate knowledge, because I have no idea how these little puffs of magic are made. I do know they are available in the US and I believe other parts of the world other than Australia.

But although the magic eraser works wonders with porcelain and enamel, one has to be careful when using them to clean marks off walls. I thought I would be clever and use one in a customer’s house to remove a scuff mark only to notice that the paint came off as well. I think a light clean with a damp cloth and a drop of cream cleanser might have been more successful on that occasion.

But that doesn’t mean the magic eraser cannot be used for cleaning marks off paint. I have found it most successful on skirting boards, doors and architraves painted with gloss paint. Care does have to be taken otherwise the paint loses its glossy look, but a gentle wipe along the mark easily removes it and keeps the paint work looking pristine.

There is no doubt the magic eraser is just that. If you don’t have one in your home they can be purchased in the cleanser aisle of the supermarket, and I have even seen them in my local hardware store.


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